Studying in the US for Cambodian Students: Staying with Relatives Vs. Dormitory

Studying in the United States is both fun and adventurous for students from Cambodia. The US is one of the leading players for the quality of education whether it be a high-school level or college degree. The top 20 universities in the world have 10 universities from the US. Furthermore, there are 18 boarding schools from the US which are among the top 20 boarding schools globally.

When there is no doubt that the United States is the world-leading education, many Cambodian students who want to study in the United States can be doubtful whether they should choose to stay with relatives or in a dormitory when being in the US. Therefore, we are here to help you by comparing staying with relatives and living in a dormitory in the United States whether you consider a high-school or university level.

  1. Cost-Saving Vs. Affordable Cost

Cambodian students who study in the United States can consider staying with relatives if they have relatives residing in the United States because it is cost-saving. Both food and accommodation are sometimes free. There are times you need to share some costs such as electricity bills for your relatives as well. There should not be any doubts because Cambodia has a culture of being mindful of other people. Your parents can be glad to send some payments to your relatives.

However, Cambodian students can decide to stay in dormitories when studying in the US whether it be a boarding school or college. The cost for both a dorm room and food in the United States is not much expensive. Rather, it is affordable. It can be from 8 000 US dollars to 10 000 US dollars. However, the price is for one whole academic year when Cambodian students can enjoy both an accommodation or dormitory and food offered by cafeterias at your respective schools or universities. Some cafeterias in the US offer the best foods both in tastes and qualities.

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  1. Restriction Vs. Freedom

Cambodian families especially the elders can be traditional. Therefore, there are times staying with relatives in the United States can be restricted for what you can do. Some Cambodian families are strict with their children or relatives who want to hang out at night or weekend. There are occasions Cambodian families are strict with those people whom their children or relatives hang out with. Some other occasions, they can keep checking on your academic performances. No matter what, some restrictions can be good for you when some other restrictions can be somewhat irrational as well.

Staying in dormitory rooms, however, can give you more freedom. There can be curfews in many dormitory building or apartments. Regardless, you have a lot of freedoms that you cannot have when staying with families or relatives. You can go clubbing and partying with friends because these activities are parts of your social lives, especially during colleges. You probably miss them when they are gone. Furthermore, you have more freedom to make friendships and work out your academic performance. No matter what, freedom does come with responsibilities as well.

  1. Similar to Home Vs. Independence

We are coming to the United States, but the feeling is still home. Cambodian students who live with relatives can have a similar feeling with what they have at homes. Cambodian people remain their traditions and ways of lives; although, they are away from homes. Therefore, there is no doubt that you can feel everything exactly the same with what you are living with when you are in Cambodia. This is normal and very expected when you stay with relatives.

However, it is not the same as your stay in your own dorm rooms. There is a complete difference because you get to be independent and on your own. You can have roommates or not. Regardless, you need to check out and make sure you are doing good at schools by yourselves. You need to be careful to avoid being sick when you are staying at dormitories. You need to be independent, overall. No matter what, you can learn by being independent and on your own. This can be your life-changing experience for you, as a result. Again, you can miss it when you come back home and reminisce the feeling of being independent.

  1. Living with Relatives Vs. Having Roommates

You don’t need to check out on the Internet or some websites out there to tell yourselves what it is like to live with relatives. You are going to feel the same as when you live with your parents. There is no much difference because after all we are related by blood. From our experience of consulting with students who have been abroad and lived with their relatives, there is nothing significant and almost exactly the same with staying with your home families.

No matter what, having roommates is different. When you can have weird and strange roommates who do irrational things, you can, in fact, choose your roommates when you are having your own dormitory rooms or apartments. You can remember that you pay for those rooms or apartments, so you have options. You can find your roommates with your best friends who are some cool kids at your boarding schools or colleges. There are a lot of fun things you can do with your roommates when you are staying in dormitories or apartments. This is exactly an advantage of staying in dormitories, as a result.

What Should You Get from the Article?

In the article, Cambodian students get to compare between staying with their relatives and staying in dormitories. There are clear differences ranging from the costs of living to having your own roommates. Each of the two options has its pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide whether to stay with Cambodian relatives or your roommates.

Regardless, we encourage you to seek consultancy from us who have experience with sending students abroad and finding dormitories or places for students to stay. You can contact us WEduAbroad a Cambodia-based consultancy for studying abroad with one of the best customers supports and consult with us for free at the 9th Floor, B-Ray Tower, Preah Norodom Blvd, Tonle Bassak Commune, Chamkamorn District, Phnom Penh (map here) or contact us via phone call 017 548 354. You can also visit our facebook at:




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