9 Reasons Thailand’s Universities Are Attractive to Cambodian Students

Both parents and children are thinking of some destinations abroad for Cambodian students to study at a university degree. It can be Singapore, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, China and more. Regardless, parents and students can miss a country that is bordering our country Cambodia. Thailand can be a good destination for Cambodian students to study. Here are the top nine reasons why Thailand’s universities are attractive to Cambodian students.


Regional-Standard Education

Even though, universities in Thailand has no match with some universities in the United States such as Harvard University and the United Kingdom such as the University of Oxford and more, Thailand is sure to have universities that have regional or ASEAN standard. Chulalongkorn University and Mahidol University rank among the top 100 in Asia’s ranking list by the QS ranking system. Cambodian students can study at some of Thailand’s private universities which offer prestigious and even world-class education. The QS ranking can be somewhat biased because it focuses on some indicators which are not directly relevant to each school’s quality of education. When you have ranking in mind, please also consider each university’s special features and uniqueness too. Besides, although, ranking is important, there are other factions you can consider besides ranking as well. You can know more by checking out what we have written “What You Should Look for Universities Abroad Besides Ranking



We don’t need an explanation that Thailand is one of the closest countries to Cambodia because the two countries bordering each other. When studying abroad, Cambodian students need to consider proximity as an important quality for choosing your destination. There is a reason with this. It is cheap and fast to travel back and forth between your home Cambodian and those destination countries. The average flight time between Bangkok and Phnom Penh is only 1 hour and 10 minutes. Cambodian students can find cheap one-way flight from Phnom Penh to Bangkok with a price of around 70 dollars that is very affordable. It is smart to travel and visit home or bring your families to visit Thailand when you have opportunities. If it is not cheap enough, you can consider taking a bus which can take one full day for a one-way travel Phnom Penh-Bangkok. This is for those Cambodian students who consider studying in Bangkok only.


International Programmes

Thailand’s universities especially the private ones offer international programmes for international students too. There is something special with international programmes. Cambodian students don’t need to be too serious with the Thai language to get by and excel at schools because those programmes offer the English language as the main language for communication and studying. Some Cambodian students who excel in English don’t need to worry whether they know Thai or not because you can learn the Thai language just to get by only. Studying international programmes is smart because the credits offered are internationally recognised compared with the national programmes.


Easy Thai Language

Thai and Khmer languages have many wordings and pronunciations similar or in common that it is normally accepted that you can spend between 3 and 4 months to learn the Thai language just to get by if you take Thai class leniently. The Thai language is easy for Cambodian students, so there shouldn’t be a fuss that Cambodian students don’t find Thailand’s universities attractive. Meanwhile, you can spend 3 and 4 months and excel Thai language if you study hard enough. This is a special characteristic that you cannot find at other destinations besides Thailand.


Affordable Costs of Living

The cost of living can be varied based on whether you study in cities or provinces. When studying in cities, you can expect to spend around 400 dollars for Bangkok city which is an affordable city. No matter what, the cost of living remains affordable. Regardless, if you consider studying in Bangkok, you may need to prepare a budget of 500-800US dollars per month. Again, the cost of living is much cheaper compared with some countries such as Singapore, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and more. Cambodian students can get surprised by finding some items even cheaper than Cambodia. Besides, the cost can even be cheaper if you live and stay with other Cambodian students and friends.


ASEAN Students

We shouldn’t forget that ASEAN was founded in Bangkok. There is no doubt that Thailand attracts many ASEAN and international students besides Cambodian students. ASEAN students find Thailand as an attractive country for exchange studies. Cambodian students can get this opportunity to build friendship and networks with those ASEAN students. Those opportunities are important. Besides friendship, ASEAN students can jointly run initiatives together or make connections for working relationships later on. Therefore, it is a bonus to have many ASEAN friends studying in Thailand for Cambodian students.


Cambodian Community

The statistic can be incorrect because there is not yet full and official count of Cambodian people living in Thailand. Regardless, if you prepare to study at provinces such as Surin, Buriram, Sisaket, you can find many locals are Khmer natives. History aside, you want to study at some prestigious universities based in urban cities such as Bangkok. Still, you can find many Cambodian people living and working in Thailand. As a nation, we often look after each other, so there shouldn’t be hassles to look around and spot on Cambodians for bits of helps when you arrive in Bangkok for the first time. There are many Cambodian students studying in Bangkok as well.


Affordable Costs of Education

It is affordable to study in Thailand. The tuition fee is around 3500 dollars to around 8000 dollars for international students at Thailand’s private universities when the public ones can be even much cheaper, per annum; Thailand’s quality education is a regional standard. Cambodian students can find Cambodia’s international universities in the same or a little bit lower price range. Consequently, it is a smart choice to consider Thailand.


Varied Places to Visit

We should go first to Chiang Rai which is a calm place to visit when there are busy lights at nighttime. You can visit a waterfall and other natural places at Chiang Rai when the province offers some museums as well. You should visit Sop Ruak, the triangle and crossing point among three countries including Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Furthermore, Ayutthaya is a place you shouldn’t miss because of its history. The ancient city was founded in 1350 with many ancient buildings and temples located in the area. If you like mountains and forests, Chiang Mai is the best place. After all, you shouldn’t forget Bangkok which is the heart of Thailand.


What Should You Get from the Article?

In the article, Cambodian students and parents get nine solid reasons that show studying at Thailand’s universities can be highly attractive. Those reasons are such as regional-standard education, proximity, international programmes, easy Thai language, affordable cost of living, ASEAN students, Cambodian community, affordable costs of living and varied places to visit in Thailand.

Regardless, we encourage you to seek consultancies from experts such as some nearby consultancies before deciding to study in Thailand as it is both time-saving and cost-saving to seek advice from agencies. You can contact us WEduAbroad the consultancy for study abroad which offer free consultations to students who want to study in Thailand. Feel free to visit us at the 9th Floor, B-Ray Tower, Preah Norodom Blvd, Tonle Bassak Commune, Chamkamorn District, Phnom Penh (map here) or call 017 548 354. You can visit our Facebook page at too.




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