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How to Apply for US Top Universities for Cambodian Students

Among the top 20 universities in the world, there are 10 universities located in the United States. Therefore, there is no doubt that many Cambodian students dream of studying at universities in the United States. When some dream of studying at Ivy League universities located in the Eastern Coast of the United States, other Cambodian students want to apply to some averaged-ranking universities in the US because it can be easier to pass the admission applications. No matter what types of universities in the United States you want to continue your higher education, here are some of the steps to apply for some of the US’s top university.


  1. Prepare for SAT Tests

Harvard University which is one of the best universities in the world accept the SAT for the requirement. They mention clearly on their website that students without the SAT results are often denied for their applications. Regardless, what is the SAT test, and how we should prepare for the test? The SAT test is a widely recognised test in the United States for admissions to universities located in the country. The SAT test students in skills such as writing, math and critical reading when the total testing duration is 3 hours and 50 minutes. Cambodian students should budget around 70 US dollars for the SAT test. There are some available SAT test centres available in Cambodia. Regardless, we want you to be ready by contacting some study abroad agents such as WEduAbroad, so they can guide you further about the test. Besides, there are alternatives to SAT WEduAbroad can advise you as well if you don’t think you are fitted to take SAT tests.

  • Harvard accepting the SAT
  • Students without SAT often being denied
  • A widely recognised test in the US for admissions
  • Testing skills such as writing, math & critical reading
  • Total testing duration around 3 hours and 50 minutes
  • Budgeting around 70 US dollars for the SAT test
  • Consulting with WEduAbroad for guidance
  • Alternatives to SAT being available as well


  1. Write a Good Personal Statement

You can count the number of US’s universities which don’t require personal statements. No matter what, there are too many universities in the US which require personal statements from both local and foreign students if they want to be admitted full-time for a Bachelor’s degree or such. However, what is a personal statement? A personal statement is a brief summary about ourselves to prospective people such as the admission boards so that we can stand out in the competition against other candidates. It can start with our interests and backgrounds. Meanwhile, you can include many other things such as working experience, friends and families, extracurricular activities such as civic engagement activities or participation in sports at your high-schools. There are countless ways to begin your personal statements, and it is helpful if you seek a helping hand from some nearby consultancies such as WEduAbroad.

  • Easier to count US’s universities which don’t require personal statements
  • Too many universities requiring personal statements
  • A brief summary about ourselves to the admission boards for standing out
  • Starting with your interests and background
  • Can include other things such as friends & families, extra-curricular activities, …
  • Helpful to seek guidance from some nearby consultancies such as WEduAbroad


  1. Be Ready for TOEFL or Placement Tests

There are other universities which require TOEFL or placement tests as additional to the SAT test or alternative to the SAT test. No matter what, Cambodian students who wish to continue your higher education in the United States should be ready for TOEFL tests or some placement tests. What is a TOEFL test? A TOEFL test is a test for your English proficiency. The test is very well-known because there are around 11 000 institutions and universities across the world that accept TOEFL scores. Nine out of ten universities in the US consider TOEFL test reports as primary reports compared with other language proficiency testing systems. When there are two different TOEFL tests including the PBT or paper-based tests and iBT or the Internet-based test. We encourage you to take the iBT tests because it is much more widely recognised. Besides, some universities require placement tests when the tests often include questions about writing, reading and math. Different universities have different placement testing systems. There is no doubt that you should seek consultations from some education agents such as WEduAbroad for insight.

  • Other universities requiring TOEFL or placement tests
  • An additional or alternative to the SAT test
  • A TOEFL test examining your English proficiency
  • Around 11 000 institutions and universities recognising the test
  • 9 out of 10 US’s universities considering TOEFL as primary
  • Students should take TOEFL iBT tests
  • Some universities requiring placement tests
  • Placement tests can include questions about writing, reading & math
  • Seeking consultations from some education agents such as WEduAbroad


  1. Apply for Student Visas at the US Embassy

Cambodian students cannot study in the United States via a visit visa for tourists. There is a must that you are required to have student visas to study at the US’s universities. Moreover, it requires Cambodian students to apply for admissions to some schools or universities which are approved by the US Department of State, the authority which approves your student visas. When there is a success for applying to those universities, the universities can issue Form I-20 that you need to pay for the visa fees. As a result, you can start to apply for student visas at the US Embassy based in Phnom Penh. Please keep in mind that if you are enrolling full-time for a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree, you are going to receive the F visas. Again, there are different categories of visas from the US’s Department of Statements which are up to the purposes of people who travel and stay in the United States. The process can be more complicated that what is written here, so we encourage you to seek consultancies for studying abroad for additional insights.

  • Requiring Cambodian students to have student visas
  • Applying for admissions to some universities approved by the authority
  • Approved universities issuing Form I-20 and you paying the fee
  • Starting to apply for student visas at the US Embassy based in Phnom Penh
  • Your student visas should be F visas because there are different categories
  • Seek consultancies for the process because it can be more complicated
  • For detail information about how to apply for US Student visa, you can check out the 7 Steps to Acquire a U.S. Student Visa


What Should You Get from the Article?

Cambodian students and parents who read the article can know the processes and ways to apply to some top US’s universities and US universities in general. It requires that your personal statements are great along with high scores for SAT tests, TOEFL iBT tests and/or placement tests so that you can be admitted to some top US’s universities. No matter what, if you wish to study at some averaged universities, you just need some acceptable scores to go for. Students and parents can know about how to apply for student visas to study in the United States too.

We well understand that the process can be both complex and complicated when you can fail or try many times for the admission processes. There is no doubt that we highly encourage you to seek consultations from us WEduAbroad for free by paying a visit to the 9th Floor, B-Ray Tower, Preah Norodom Blvd, Tonle Bassak Commune, Chamkamorn District, Phnom Penh (map here) or call 017 548 354. We also have a Facebook page at as well.





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