Why Should Cambodian Students Study High School in New Zealand?

Among many options such as Australia, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, Cambodian parents and students have a question mark why Cambodian students should study high school in New Zealand. If Cambodian students study high-schools in New Zealand, it is better-off to study high school in Australia.

No matter what, New Zealand has its own unique characters which are different from the rest of the world. When you can also find the quality of education in some other countries such as Singapore, Canada, the US, the UK and Australia, New Zealand has other reasons that can convince some parents to send their children and some Cambodian students to urge their parents, to study in the country.

Here in the article, we are explaining why Cambodian students should study high-schools in New Zealand with the following reasons.

Quality of Education

It is just brilliant to study high-schools in New Zealand. When New Zealand’s school system, in general, is good, we do recommend private high-schools or boarding schools whose quality is excellent. Everything you see at public schools in New Zealand such as outdoor sports spaces, computer facilities, school events and more, is doubled in quality when it comes to private high-schools.

Meanwhile, Cambodian high-school students can receive great attention from highly trained teachers because of small classrooms in New Zealand’s education system. Furthermore, it is smart thinking for parents who have great concerns for your children. You can have confidence that the boarding schools in New Zealand pay great attention to your living and studying of your children’s. You know that someone is in charge of your children’s well-being.

  1. New Zealand’s general education is good
  2. New Zealand’s boarding or private high-schools being a bonus
  3. Everything Cambodian students need being there
  4. Small classrooms enabling teachers to focus great attention on individuals
  5. Cambodian parents having confidence with the boarding schools

English Language

This is very special for Cambodian students because you are going to learn NZ native people’s language the Maori alongside the English language because both are the country’s official languages. You should not have a worry regardless because English is widely spoken in New Zealand; even though, the country has great respect for local and native language. There is no doubt that Cambodian students can improve fast their English language. Moreover, New Zealand also has a sign language which is yet another official language of the country.

Again, Cambodian students have no need to learn the Maori or the sign language; even though, you are free to observe about the uniqueness of New Zealand as a country. If Cambodian students are being afraid New Zealand’s English is not an English language enough, you should have no fuss with this because the country is one among other countries such as the UK, Australia and Canada that authorizes IELTS test as a test to apply for New Zealand’s citizenships. The country has an English standard like the British one, consequently.

  1. Cambodian students improving English alongside Maori & sign language
  2. Cambodian students having no need to learn the Maori or sign language
  3. English as widely spoken language in New Zealand and official language
  4. New Zealand as one among other few countries that authorise IELTS test
  5. New Zealand’s English having the British standard

Peaceful Country & Nature

It is very surprising that one-third of New Zealand’s lands are protected areas such as reserves and parks. When many Cambodian students living in urban areas which are far from nature, the urban and natural reserves are intertwined with each other in New Zealand. Furthermore, there are many places to visit in the country with NZ’s wilderness. You can tour-visit steaming lakeshores and boiling pools of muds as some areas of the country are based on the volcanic plateau.

Regardless, feel no worry because all is well in New Zealand. You have not often heard sad news from New Zealand, have you? Cambodian students can explore the wilderness with guides from the locals and see natural inhabitants in New Zealand such as New Zealand’s national birds the Kiwis. Cambodian students can also see New Zealand’s dolphins and sea lions whose species are only available in New Zealand. You don’t want to miss such opportunities, do you?

  1. One-third of New Zealand’s lands as protected areas
  2. Urban and natural reserves intertwining in New Zealand
  3. Tour-visit steaming lakeshores & boiling pools of muds
  4. See natural inhabitants such as the national birds the Kiwis
  5. See for the first time New Zealand’s dolphins & sea lions

Independent Studying

It is pretty nice to understand New Zealand’s learning culture. NZ’s learning culture and culture, in general, encourage people to become independent. This can be independent thinking of addressing problems without peer pressures or rewards needed for particular answers. It can be independent volunteering in class without a need for praises and more too.

Everyone in New Zealand is just independent. Cambodian students can find New Zealand a lovely home because you can learn to become an independent individual. Here in New Zealand, schools promote sporting events and encourage everyone to take part in the games. This is just amazing for Cambodian students who want to learn how to be independent, think independently and take initiatives.

  1. NZ’s culture encouraging independence
  2. Cambodian students becoming independent studying there
  3. Independence coming without a need for praises or rewards
  4. Cambodian students participating in sporting events
  5. Our students become independent individual & thinker

Nice and Supportive People

There is no point to study abroad when people in studying destinations are not supportive and kind to each other. Cambodian students don’t study high-schools abroad for the only quality of education but also experience. Quality of education alone does not pay the high costs. No matter what, studying high-schools in New Zealand, Cambodian students can find people there genuinely nice and supportive. They are those people who have the free spirit and look up the world with optimism. They have a can-do attitude the more you encounter with the Kiwis.

Meanwhile, they are those people who are humble and supportive. There are even surveys to prove it. 90% of migrants to New Zealand agreed that the Kiwis are friendly or very friendly. They like to lay back and give a helping hand. As the Kiwis like the journey or process more than goals or achievements, they are very humble from a Cambodian perspective and from the world’s perspective in a general sense. You can live and study in New Zealand and find the country your second home for sure. This is a warm place where you are going to live and study. Cambodian students can fall in love with New Zealand’s people very instantly and without a doubt.

  1. The Kiwis being genuinely nice and supportive
  2. New Zealand’s people look at the world positively
  3. The Kiwis being humble and friendly
  4. 90% of migrants agreed on the NZ people as friendly
  5. NZ people like to lay back and relax
  6. New Zealand is a warm place to live and study

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What Should You Get from the Article?

In the article, Cambodian high-school students and parents start to view New Zealand in a different light because of the country’s uniqueness. New Zealand has a quality of education like the rest of the world and speaks the English language as an official language like the UK and the US, no matter what, there are the Maoris and sign language in New Zealand. Moreover, you have a peaceful country & nature as well as uniquely friendly Kiwis. People in some other nations are friendly also, yet you can see the Kiwis is uniquely friendly in their own sense.

For further information about studying high-schools in New Zealand, we highly encourage you to contact an advice consultancy who can have the expertise and save your costs from self-applications. You can contact us WEduAbroad the Cambodia-based consultancy for studying abroad for free of charge at the 9th Floor, B-Ray Tower, Preah Norodom Blvd, Tonle Bassak Commune, Chamkamorn District, Phnom Penh (map here) or contact us via phone call 017 548 354. You can also visit our facebook at: to take a quick look at what we have been doing so far. We are always ready to help, and we wish you and your children all the best.







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