US High-Schools as a Pathway to US Top Universities for Cambodian Students

Some Cambodian parents and students know when some others don’t know yet that the US is a top destination for studying for a university-level because the country has many of the world-class universities. The US has five universities which rank among the top 10 universities in the world. Those universities are such as MIT, Stanford University, Harvard University, California Institute of Technology and the University of Chicago.

Besides, some of you should know Ivy League which are all based in the East Coast of the United States’. Those famous universities are such as Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Brown University, Dartmouth College, University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University. Some of them which are not in the world top 10 go-to world top 20, which remain prestigious places and dreams of many high-school students.

Regardless, we are not going to tell you about those universities. Rather, we want to focus this article on studying high-school in the US which is a pathway for our Cambodian students to study at some of the US top universities which are also the global top universities. Here are five reasons why studying high-schools in the US prepare us for top universities in the US.


Many Top High-Schools in the US

The US doesn’t only have top universities of the world based there. The country has many top and world-class high-schools located in the United States too. For private schools, all US boarding schools are in the top ten across the world. High-schools in the United States just dominate every place they can take. It is nonetheless not quite different for public schools. The US is much oriented toward privatisation which enables both public and private high-schools to be equivalent to each other for quality education.

For a pathway to top US colleges, we need to understand the mind of the selection committees from those universities, no matter what. Those people should have much trust in some of the top high-schools in the world. Consequently, they are likely to select graduates from those top high schools. Even though, Cambodian students don’t study at those world-class high-schools; your mediumly ranked schools are yet qualified for top universities in the US. We should know that quality of education in the US is relatively similar. As a result, the committees still have much trust in quality education in their country.

Opportunities for Local Extra-Curricular

The United States is a diverse society. No matter what, you see their students enjoy doing extra-curricular activities which are outside curriculums. There are those students who volunteer to serve other people because the United States has a strong culture of civic engagement. Meanwhile, there are some groups of people who like to have fun and play games such as baseballs, basketballs, footballs and more. There are the rest who join social clubs such as debate clubs, singing clubs, guitar clubs and more.

If you want to serve others such as the underprivileged for your extra-curricular activities, you can volunteer for the American Red Cross and many other organisations that wait for your online registration to volunteer. Besides, you can participate in gaming sports, camping or club organisations at your schools. Either one or another proves you are strong and independent individual with compassion, leadership and activism, which makes your candidacies very appealing to those selection committees. You show that you are active individuals who are not only driven by classes but also activities outside classes that you wish to participate.

Improvement of English Language

When you study high-school in the United States, you are not exposed to only their culture but also language. You can learn fast about American English. This can improve your employment opportunities when you travel back home and apply for some clerical works there in Cambodia. No matter what, your goal is to continue higher education at some of the top universities in the United States. Therefore, please keep in mind that high-school curriculums in the US include English as a core course too. You are going to improve a lot.

High-schools in the United States prepare you for some English tests which are requirements from top universities in the United States. Those tests are such as TOEFL IBT and some other English tests which can be required by those schools. Please keep in mind that you don’t want averaged scores, so you can get by. You want top scores, so they increase your chances of being selected to those top universities. Some top universities even require local and international students to take admission tests which are certainly in the English language and can include language as some questions of the tests’.

Tuning in with American Diversity & Lifestyles

When you stay in the United States for high-schools, you don’t only get quality of education, opportunities to volunteer and improvement of your English language, but you get to tune in with American diversity and lifestyle as well. This is important because the United States is a free country with respects of individual freedom and freedom of expressions. You, therefore, learn to adapt to the local culture that enables you to become independent and self-driven individuals with confidence in yourselves.

Applying for top universities in the United States is about understanding what those top universities want from us. We are not going to get told what we should do from 1 to 10 besides basic instructions and requirements for independent learning. When you study high-schools in the US, you are naturally tuned in with American diversity and lifestyles, which prove those committees that you are ready to accept challenges offered by their universities.

Convenient & Direct Communication with Preferred Universities

You should have your dream universities in mind. Do you want to study at Harvard University, Stanford University or MIT? When you have an idea in mind of what your dream universities should be, you can study at some of those high-schools which are near your favourite universities. We should not forget that those universities offer extra-curricular activities for high-school students. Besides, you can register for some courses that those universities offer for high-school students who prepare to become students of their universities’.

Additionally, you can make friends with your seniors who are studying at those universities. Besides students from your favourite universities, you can make friends with faculty members from your preferred universities too. They are those people who can help to guide you through rigorous processes of applying and registering to those top and world-class universities. As a result, you are more competitive than your peers when it comes to applying for those highly prestigious colleges.

What Should You Get from the Article?

In this article, Cambodian students and parents can learn that studying high-schools in the United States is a pathway to US top universities such as Ivy League and some other world-class universities. There are five main reasons that you can stand better chances to be admitted to those top colleges. Those reasons are such as many top high-schools in the US, opportunities for local extra-curricular activities, improvement of English language, tuning in with American culture & lifestyles as well as convenient & direct communication with your preferred universities.

No matter what, we encourage you to contact some Cambodia’s consultancies for study abroad or us WEduAbroad the advice consultancy for more information. When we offer free consultations, you can pay a visit to us at the 9th Floor, B-Ray Tower, Preah Norodom Blvd, Tonle Bassak Commune, Chamkamorn District, Phnom Penh (map here) or call 017 548 354. You can visit our Facebook page at too.









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