High School in Singapore: Ideal Options for Cambodian Students

Many of us love Singapore because the country is very clean. Some people find attractiveness in Singapore because every building is just modern when the transport system is superb. This is only for those of us who go to visit Singapore as tourists. Singapore, in fact, is appealing as a destination for high school students as well.

The country is modern in its education when the Singaporeans are offered high quality of education since a very young age. There is no doubt that the country is an Asian dragon. No matter what, the following are some of the reasons why high-schools in Singapore are ideal options for Cambodian students.


World-Standard Education

The city-state has a world-standard high-school education to offer to all international students including Cambodian ones. Singapore’s education enjoys a world standard because the system ranks high in the world-renowned PISA student assessment or Programme for International Student Assessment. Singapore ranked second only behind China for the PISA assessment in 2018 that tested international students their performances in reading, science and math. The country is, as a result, ahead of many developed countries such as Finland, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and more for Singapore’s quality of education.


Cambodian parents should not have worries for their children studying at boarding and private schools in Singapore. There should not be worries because Cambodia and Singapore are very close to each other. The average flight time between Cambodia and Singapore is only 2 hours and 6 minutes. It can be around 3 hours and a half including the airport time, which is quite short compared with other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Cambodian parents can visit your children at wills. Meanwhile, your children can often visit Cambodia because of short and cheap flights. Flights are cheap because of a short distance and direct flight.

STEM Focus

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is trendy recently because we are living in a more digitalised world which needs people to become skilful in those areas. Cambodian parents can be glad that your children can master knowledge in STEM as they are studying at boarding and private schools in Singapore. It is especially necessary for those students who want to continue science majors for higher education. The teaching at Singapore’s schools involves the integration of the four subjects in STEM into one when Cambodian students and other students can apply lessons in real applications and address real-world problems with STEM.


Although there can be some differences for weathers between Cambodia and Singapore; Singaporean weather is similar to Cambodia’s one because both countries are affected by the monsoons. Singapore, in fact, doesn’t have exact Cambodia’s monsoons, but the city-state has a strong windy season, heavy rainy season, dry season and thunderstorms similar to Cambodia. Both Singapore and Cambodia belong to the same tropical climate that includes hot and humidity conditions. Cambodian students can find Singapore’s weather very familiar and have not much need to adapt to the local weather.

Art Inclusiveness

Singapore does put emphasis on arts for the educational curriculums. There are established curriculums which include varied artistic subjects for Singaporean students and other students to study. The public education doesn’t abandon art subjects in the curriculums. Moreover, Cambodian students can have more choices for artistic subjects if they decide to study at boarding or private schools in Singapore. Those schools have curtailed curriculums for students who want to pursue arts and for Cambodian parents who want to encourage their children to study arts.


Some Cambodian parents have concerns for their children studying overseas. Cambodian students who use to live at homes with supportive families can get unfamiliar and not get used to new environments. Some other Cambodian parents are afraid their children such as those introverts to be bullied overseas without their knowledge when students don’t belong to groups. There should not be a concern regarding this because many boarding and private schools give great attention to well-beings of each student’s for their studying and living in Singapore. There should not be a worry because students’ well-beings are ones among their main priorities. Those boarding and private schools have curtailed student services for making sure all is well with every one of students studying at the schools.

ASEAN Friends

We should not have a question of why Singapore attracts ASEAN students as the country is one among other world-standard education destinations. Meanwhile, Singapore is a founding member of the ASEAN countries. Many parents in ASEAN countries also find Singapore an interesting destination for their children. It is a world-standard education when it is close to home. Cambodian students studying high-schools in Singapore has a huge opportunity to have bonding time with friends from ASEAN countries. As ASEAN is one same region with a shared destiny, the brotherhood among ASEAN friends can be stronger compared with friends from other regions across the world.

Sporting Games

There are established syllabuses for sports and physical education in the Singaporean education system as well. It is furthermore great to study at boarding or private high-schools in Singapore mainly because there are modern and advanced facilities to afford those physical education classes. Moreover, students can take extra classes in swimming, martial arts and other sporting games such as footballs and basketballs at those boarding or private schools. Students at those schools often found sporting clubs and other social clubs with offerings of modern facilities from schools.

Opportunities for World-Class Colleges

Singapore has two universities which are in the top 20 universities across the world. Those universities are such as the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. We should not wonder that studying high-schools in Singapore is a bridge to top universities based in the country. Because you are based in Singapore, you have opportunities to contact and get direct information from those top universities and prepare yourselves for those world-class universities. Cambodian students should remember other universities in Singapore are regional-standard as well. Whether you can go to the world-class or regional-class, they both are exceptional options for you.

Amazing Country

Singapore is the 7th best city in the world behind world-class cities such as Tokyo, Paris and Dubai as well as ahead cities such as Barcelona and Los Angeles. The country is just advanced in its infrastructures. The development of Changi airport is superb that everyone cannot miss as they are landing in Singapore. The crime rate is low when the city is clean, and the air is fresh. This is very attractive for many expats to live and work in Singapore. Never mind whether you are expats or not, you can find Singapore as an attractive city-state too.


The Singaporeans speak English. Some Cambodian students and parents can find Singlish not as appealing as English. This is a smart caution for Cambodian students to not learn Singlish as their usual habit of speaking English but just as a way to communicate with the locals. Meanwhile, Singapore is the former colony of Great Britain. Cambodian students can find many private or boarding schools to prepare them for the GCSE or General Certificate for Secondary Education based in Singapore. We don’t need to worry that English taught at schools is not a standard one. The GCSE is a series of tests with standardized British English. Besides, students can learn Mandarin, Malay and Tamil as other official languages of Singapore’s when living and studying in Singapore too.

A hub of businesses

Singapore is a financial hub and hub where international corporations are based for Southeast Asia or Asia at large. Cambodian high-school students can get a wonder what the benefit is for Singapore as a global hub for businesses, but it is a good starting place for you to observe what is happening with the financial sector as a part of the Singaporean society. Moreover, you can make friends with seniors whose careers are in those top sectors, so Cambodian students can get advice and guidance from those people.


What Should You Get from the Article?

Cambodian students learn 12 different reasons to study high-schools in Singapore. Those reasons are such as world-class education, proximity, STEM focus, weather, art inclusiveness, hospitality, ASEAN friends, sporting games, opportunities for world-class colleges, amazing country, language and a business hub.

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