6 Main Reasons Why Cambodian Students Should Consider High Schools in the UK

It is smart thinking to continue your high-school educations in the United Kingdom. The country has a unique school system because the schooling system in the UK is divided into four stages. When two stages are for primary schools, the other two stages for students from 11 to 16 years old run for secondary education. The last stage as a part of the two last stages often runs from 14 to 16 years old which prepare local and international students for the UK’s General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). There include Further Education that prepares students for colleges and Higher Education or colleges which need to be discussed later, regardless.

When you can graduate with Great Britain’s prestigious General Certificate of Secondary Education, there are many other things to understand more for why Cambodian students should consider continuing high-school educations in the UK. Without hesitations, here are the main six reasons Cambodian students should study high schools in the United Kingdom to fully experience abroad educations.

Exceptional Curriculum Design

The curriculum design for the British secondary education system is outstanding. The third stage that usually runs for students from 11 to 14 years old comes with various special courses which are exceptional for Cambodian students. Those courses are such as Computing, Technology, Design, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Design & Art, History, Science, etc.

The last stage which prepares international and local students for the highly recognised certificate GCSE includes courses such as humanities, citizenship, tech & design, arts and more. As we are mentioning these courses for both Stage 3 and Stage 4 of the secondary education, many courses are not common in Cambodia’s secondary education curriculums. Hence, it is wise for Cambodian students to consider an alternative when the UK’s courses prepare our students to be competitive in colleges and careers.

Great Studying Facilities

The UK has world-class studying facilities for Cambodian students. Our students can access to huge libraries at secondary schools in the United Kingdom. Besides, you should want to try computer facilities offered by schools in the UK when the Internet speed is extraordinarily fast. There feature special laboratories for Cambodian students who need to take science class as well. This is a great opportunity to visit and study at some of the best school laboratories in the world.

For PE classes or Physical Education courses, both international and local students should have access to amazing facilities such as swimming pools, athletic tracks, football pitches, indoor sports halls and more which are amazing and not common among Cambodia’s private and public high schools. There thus should not be a barrier for you to do routine physical exercises or study about whatever you want to understand.

British English

Whether you are studying in Stage 3 or lower secondary education for a Cambodian standard or Stage 4 or higher secondary education for our standard, we are going to study the English language such as Academic Writing and Vocabulary in the British style at high schools in the UK. When the English language becomes a core course for both stages to prepare students studying high schools in the UK for GCSE, Cambodian students can find themselves fast-improving in English with an awesome British accent and writing styles.

We should not wonder because you are immersed in the British culture and society when learning from highly qualified teachers for your English courses. Both your parents and friends in Cambodia can be surprised by your English language. Studying high schools in Great Britain is, therefore, a brilliant decision for students who want to have British English as their second language skills or parents who highly appreciate British English.

Outstanding School Environment

School environment in the UK is diverse especially if you study at private secondary schools or boarding schools. Students come from different backgrounds in the UK. Meanwhile, many international students prefer to study at those private and boarding schools because there can be extra-curriculums besides what is there in the public schools.

Regardless, Cambodian students can experience great diversity by interacting with students from varied backgrounds and different countries. Additionally, British teachers are well-trained to understand and open for great differences among students. Cambodian students can find themselves returning back home and have friendships and connections with people from across the world.

Experience of the UK’s Society

It is surprising that the UK is a diverse society. In 2018, there were 9.3 million population who were born outside the United Kingdom which represented 14% of the whole UK population. There should not be a question that you can learn about many cultures living and staying in the United Kingdom.

Besides, many new things are happening in Great Britain when the country is one of the most important hubs for finance, tech and start-ups. 6.6 trillion dollars were exchanged on a daily basis in London’s foreign exchange markets, in 2019. Although, you are still young and do not understand well about foreign exchanges and fintech; studying in the United Kingdom is a door for an opportunity to observe and know about what the world is going on by what is happening in Great Britain.


There should not be a fuss about Brexit or Great Britain leaving the European Union because the United Kingdom is still a huge country for you to visit. The UK consists of four countries such as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Whether you are studying at high schools based in London or not, you cannot miss London because it has many awesome buildings and places to visit. Cambodian high-school students can visit Buckingham Palace, Parliament Buildings, Big Ben and Tower Bridge which are all historical places based in London. There are other places for you to tour as well such as Edinburgh which is the capital to Scotland or the ancient Stonehenge which remains secret for why it was built in the first place up until now.

What You Should Get from the Article?

In this article, Cambodian high-school students whether you be in a junior or senior level can explore more about why you should study high schools in Great Britain. When there are many things to describe one of the best destinations for high-school students across the world, there are six solid reasons why you should study high schools in the UK. Those reasons are such as exceptional curriculum design, great studying facilities, British English, outstanding school environment, the experience of the UK’s society and travelling.

No matter what, our students don’t know everything about the UK especially how to apply to study high schools in the United Kingdom. It is therefore considerate for you to consult with nearby consultancy or us WEduAbroad the Cambodia-based consultancy for study abroad at the 9th Floor, B-Ray Tower, Preah Norodom Blvd, Tonle Bassak Commune, Chamkamorn District, Phnom Penh (map here) or contact us via phone call 017 548 354. You can also visit our facebook at:











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