5 Popular Majors for Cambodian Students Studying in Australia

Australia is a popular study destination for Cambodian students. The country ranks as one of the toppers for popular studying destinations for Cambodian students. There are many astounding reasons that many Cambodian students prefer Australia as their studying destination.

Australia is one of the most affordable countries for the costs of livings and tuition fees. Furthermore, students are allowed to work when they study. Meanwhile, there is a large Cambodian community in Australia. Australia is close to Cambodia compared with the United States or Europe, and they offer an outstanding support system for those students who don’t excel their English skills yet.

As the country is very famed for a studying destination among Cambodian students, here are the top five majors which Cambodian students like to pursue when studying in Australia.

  1. Business

Even if Business was not a famous major among students who were pursuing their degrees in Australia, Business major itself is an exceptional major. Business is a broad field of study, and it fits those who want to get options opened for different career paths because those who major in Business study courses such as project management, operational management, human resource, marketing, international business, finance and accounting. As a result, upon your graduation, you can apply for a variety of early-career positions in those fields. Furthermore, it does prepare you to run your own businesses or assist your parents in their business operations.

Besides, there are many well-reputed business schools in Australia. Those universities are such as the University of Melbourne, the University of Queensland, Australian National University, University of New South Wales, etc. These are all marvellous business schools for you to continue your degrees. Furthermore, for a Business degree, it takes you only three years to graduate in Australia. This is cost-saving compared with other countries which often takes four years to accomplish.

As far beneficial a business degree can be for Cambodian students, students who earn prestigious business degrees from Australia can have outstanding career opportunities and build strong career paths even if they don’t stay and work in Australia under the Permanent Residence or Australian PR. Since the major is broad, Cambodian students can find plenty of jobs offered such as business consultancy, management, marketing, branding and sale.


  1. Information Technology

Information Technology or IT is not only famous for Cambodian students studying in Cambodia. It is famous for Cambodian students who are continuing higher education in Australia too. Information Technology is a broad college major which you study communications, business and computer science. When this is a generic scope of a study, you can touch upon data structures, digital system, information systems, operating strategies, business systems, data & communication, economics, etc. We are required to take algebra courses before getting specific to the mentioned domains of courses and skills.

It is without a question why Cambodians like to pursue a major in IT at highly-reputed, advanced yet demanding universities in Australia. Australia is one of the biggest economies with an advance in the field of information system. Its universities have sophisticated information infrastructure for students to study including highly sophisticated e-learning systems. Besides, many fields related to information technology majors such as software programming, ICT system analysis, computer network and more are among the top demanding fields of works in the country.

We should know that Australia allows international students to work part-time when they are studying. As a result, students who are specialised in any branches of information technology can conveniently look for highly paid part-time jobs in the country. What’s more, IT is also famous and highly demanding in Cambodia. Cambodia needs a lot of IT infrastructures for national development. There is without hesitation that students who major in Information Technology can come back to Cambodia and find themselves highly demanded with their expertise in information technology.

  1. Accounting

Accounting is yet another famous major for international students including Cambodian students to study in Australia. The basic definition of accounting is maintaining financial accounts. Nevertheless, it is more complex than this. Cambodian students with major in accounting are demanded to analyse complex and rich data so as to consult with organisations such as businesses and non-profit organisations and help them manage their financial accounts more efficient.

When accounting is not very famed for career opportunities in Cambodia, Cambodian students can find many working opportunities in Australia whether they are working part-time during their studies or seek to apply for PR because accounting is one of the most highly demanded jobs in the Australian job market. Nonetheless, whether accounting is famous in Cambodia or Australia, you should follow your passions.

Students should choose Accounting when they like to see patterns and numbers. Furthermore, students should choose the college major when they are very detail-oriented. They should have strong communication skills and are optimistic to help address and manage financial accounts of other people such as businesses and organisations. In fact, everyone should choose to study some particular majors right there because they like and prefer them before thinking of market demand.

  1. Construction: Civil Engineering & Architecture

The field of construction including Civil Engineering and Architecture is as famous as it is here and in Australia for Cambodian students. There shouldn’t be a wonder why many Cambodian students are interested in Civil Engineering and Architecture whether it is here Cambodia or at those Australian universities and colleges. In the last decade, we have a boom of infrastructure developments that demands skilled labours in civil engineering and architecture especially from countries such as Australia. As Australia is one of the biggest economies in the world, the country is also advanced in the field of construction that highly attracts Cambodian students.

For students who have a passion for Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering is a broad major that cover areas such as transportation, construction, environment, water resource and structure. It is about designing and supervising infrastructure constructions. Architecture is in the same field as Civil Engineering, yet it is another different major. It is about mapping a big picture for construction projects when a civil engineer focuses on detailed such as structure. Architecture students, therefore, study 3D modelling, drafting, mathematics, physics, engineering, working drawings and physics.

Both Civil Engineering and Architecture are attractive majors for Cambodian students in Australia because the country is planning to expand their regional cities. In fact, Australia is an attractive country for students who are passionate about construction major because it has a high demand for skilled labours in the field too. Positions such as Construction Manager, Civil Engineer Professional, Structural Steel Worker, Architect and Landscape Architect are all highly sought-after posts in Australia. Consequently, Cambodian students can find themselves as part-time assistants to those posts when they are studying. They can also apply for full-time positions upon their graduation, lastly.

  1. Nursing

Nursing is odd because we don’t expect Cambodian students like to pursue a major in nursing. Regardless, what is the major in the first place? Nursing as a major prepares Cambodian students for the path of a career in clinical nursing, nursing research and nursing administration. Students who are down the path of the major are going to study behavioural science such as psychology, physical science such as anatomy and natural science such as chemistry.

Cambodian students like to pursue nursing major because there are high demands for works in Australia. Australia doubled its population in the last 50 years and still remains high in population growth. At the end side, there is a shortage of health workers including nurses for taking cares of a large number of elderly people as a result of the population booms in previous decades. There is no doubt that Australia is building many new hospitals to facilitate the many elderly populations.

This is especially excellent for Cambodian students who want to get PR or Permanent Residence in Australia. As far students can get jobs and build career oversea, Australia welcomes many health workers such as nurses to their country. With PR, Cambodian students can study, work and live in the country without any restrictions at all. Furthermore, there are supports for medical healthcare from the Australian government to those Cambodian graduates who get PR as well.

What should you get from the article?

In the article, we are listing five most famous majors that Cambodian students like to take for their degrees in Australia. As Australia is close to Cambodia with affordable living costs and exceptional quality education, many Cambodian students find themselves interested in majors such as Nursing, Information Technology, Accounting, Business and Construction. Those students take those majors because there is a high supply of jobs from the Australians to offer part-time works to our students who are studying there or full-time works for those who want to get PR. Moreover, there are high demands of skilled labours in those fields from our country as well. No matter what, it is hard to know the thick and thin of those particular majors besides seeking consultancy for study abroad for free with WEduAbroad by paying a visit to the 9th Floor, B-Ray Tower, Preah Norodom Blvd, Tonle Bassak Commune, Chamkamorn District, Phnom Penh (map here) or contact us via phone call 017 548 354. You can also visit our facebook at:















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