5 Popular Destinations for Cambodian Students Studying Abroad

Many Cambodian students find themselves doing researches and seeking consultancy for studying abroad so as to help them within studying abroad. They want to go abroad for higher education because of high-quality education in those foreign countries. Moreover, they want to immerse themselves with foreign culture and lifestyles so as to become more experienced adults.

Additionally, many Cambodian students expect to travel widely in those countries they are studying and stay young. Regardless of those reasons, we figure out that there are five popular destination countries where many Cambodian students are continuing their educations. Without hesitation, here are the top five most popular destinations for Cambodian students studying abroad.


Australia is a popular destination for several reasons. First, the country is close to Cambodia and Southeast Asia. There is without a doubt that Cambodian students can travel not just all over Australia but back home and explore Southeast Asia because of its proximity to the region and our homeland. The average flight time Cambodia-Australia is only 7 hours and 10 minutes. What’s more, if you book flight tickets several months before, the average cost of a one-way ticket is from 280 US dollars to 360 only.

No matter what, there are more reasons than just proximity. Australia is one of the most developed countries with a GDP per capita of around 55 000 US dollars. We should not wonder, as a result, that the Australian university system ranks the 8th worldwide when the country accepts half a million international students from across the world. When it can take you only three years for a Bachelor’s degree in many college majors, the country’s tuition fee is from cheap to affordable with a tuition fee per annum for a Bachelor’s degree ranging from 9 000 US dollars to 20 000 US dollars. Lastly, students are allowed to work part-time when Australia is an English-speaking country too.

  1. A close distance between Cambodia and Australia
  2. Quality education in Australia
  3. 3 years for a Bachelor’s degree for some majors
  4. Affordable tuition fee from 9 000 USD to 20 000 USD annually
  5. Allowed to work part-time
  6. Australia as an English-speaking country

You can discover popular majors that Cambodian students study in Australia at: 5 Popular Majors for Cambodian Students Studying in Australia


Thailand is much favourable among Cambodian students because it borders our country along with its better quality of education. Students can travel back and forth between Cambodia and Thailand by planes or buses which take no more than one day. It is cheap and affordable to travel and visit our homeland. What’s more, higher education in Thailand is one of the most qualified in ASEAN country. Some top universities in Thailand rank between 400th and 900th globally. Although, it is still far from a standard world quality education; the range is relatively high compared with Cambodia.

Additionally, it is affordable to study and live in Thailand. Although, the tuition fee is around 4000 dollars to around 6000 dollars for international students at Thailand’s public universities when the private ones can cost much higher from 9000 to 15000 dollars per annum; Thailand’s quality education is a regional standard. Cambodian students can find Cambodia’s international universities in the same or a little bit lower price range. Consequently, it is a smart choice to consider Thailand. Besides, the renting can cost from 230 US dollars for suburbs to 430 US dollars for a price in Bangkok. Lastly, Cambodian students can catch up fast with the Thai language from 3 to 4 months for a basic Thai language.

  1. Thailand bordering Cambodia
  2. Better quality education than Cambodia
  3. Tuition fee around 4000 dollars and more
  4. Renting from 230 to 430 dollars
  5. Cambodian students catching up fast with the Thai language

United States

Even though, the United States has high costs of tuition fees and livings; the high price does come with great advantages. The US’s education is world-class education with many of its universities ranking in the top ten list across the globe. In a list for the top ten universities in the world, there are five universities from the US. Although, you study at America’s mediumly ranked universities; many averaged-ranked universities for the United States rank among the top 100 for the world.

This is also without a question that the United State is a diverse country with its 50 states. There shouldn’t be a wonder that you can travel from the East Coast to the West Coast by road trips. Cambodian students can visit natural places like Yosemite National Park located in California or entertaining cities like Las Vegas. We also should not forget that the US is an English-speaking country with an American English standing as one of the most important English dialects in the world alongside a British English.

  1. 5 American universities ranking in the top 10
  2. Many America’s averaged university ranking in top 100
  3. Diversity with the US’s 50 states
  4. Road trips from East Coast to West Coast
  5. Visit natural places like Yosemite National Park
  6. Visit entertaining cities like Las Vegas
  7. The US as an English-speaking country


Singapore is the topper in ASEAN for its quality of higher education. If you are looking for one of the best universities in some countries near Cambodia, studying in Singapore is a smart choice. Moreover, Singapore is an English-speaking country, so students should not have a fuss about the language matter for their studying in Singapore.

Furthermore, Singapore is an amazing city and country. It is clean and neat with many new things coming up. Singapore, in fact, ranks 11th as the most beautiful city in the world ahead of cities such as Hollande’s Amsterdam and Czech’s Prague. What’s more, Singapore is one of the most important hubs for Asia and ASEAN with techs, innovations and businesses. Cambodian students can have a great time interning at some of the most prestigious and world-renowned companies based in Singapore.

  1. Some of the best universities near Cambodia
  2. Singapore as an English-speaking country
  3. The amazing and neat city-state
  4. An important hub for techs, innovations & businesses
  5. Cambodian students interning at some world-renowned companies


Everyone knows that China is rising from a backward country to a future highly developed country with many of its cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing as global hubs for techs, entrepreneurship and innovations. Many Asian best universities are located in China too. There are four universities from mainland China which stand as ones of the top 10 best universities in Asia. Moreover, students can apply for partial scholarships and grants once their applications are accepted to the Chinese universities since the Chinese government and Chinese universities offer a lot of schemes to Cambodian students and encourage them to study in China.

Language can be a challenge for Cambodian students because the Chinese language is not an easy language to study. Regardless, there are many Cambodian students who plan to study in China because they can speak Chinese. Chinese universities offer international programmes to international students too. In addition, we can have classes for basic Chinese in China before going to study in the country when their universities give some basic courses for the Chinese language to international students who are new to China as well. Lastly, it is affordable to live and study in China. The foods, accommodations, transportation and tuition fee in China are acceptable.

  1. China as a future developed country
  2. Some best Asia’s universities located in China
  3. Partial scholarships and grants available for Cambodian students
  4. Brilliant for Cambodian students who can speak Chinese
  5. International programmes available for Cambodian students
  6. China’s university offering basic language lessons to international students
  7. Costs of living and studying in China are acceptable


What should you get from the article?

In this article, you can get insights about unique characteristics and advantages for studying in the most five popular studying destinations for Cambodian students. Those countries are such as Australia, Thailand, the United States, Singapore and China. Each country has its own different advantages. When some countries offer affordable educations and costs of livings, some other countries help to broaden your horizons with opportunities to travel and learn about diversity.

No matter what, it is not easy to know or understand everything about these top five countries besides some basics we can offer in this article. As a result, we encourage you to seek consultancy for studying abroad which is available for free at WEduAbroad. You can come and pay a visit to us at the 9th Floor, B-Ray Tower, Preah Norodom Blvd, Tonle Bassak Commune, Chamkamorn District, Phnom Penh (map here) or make a call to 017 548 354. Also, students can visit our Facebook page at













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