10 Things Cambodian Students Can Do When Studying Abroad: Besides Studying

It is fine if you are adventurous people who like to explore. It can be your high time going and studying abroad with many things to do in your to-do lists. However, there can be some Cambodian students who are wondering what you can do besides studying when being abroad. Here, we are listing the top 10 activities Cambodian students can do besides studying. Please enjoy these activities because going to study abroad is not all about studying. You can regret studying abroad without doing these following things.

  1. Live like a Local

This is a brilliant time to live like a local when you are living abroad. We promise this can be a life-changing experience for you. There is no doubt that you are going to try local foods. Furthermore, we are sure you are going to experience local customs and traditions when staying abroad. It is promising because it can be once in a lifetime opportunity of yours. You can ever try to be the Americans, the Britons, the Kiwis and those natives you are residing in their countries.

  1. Play Sports

Please don’t forget to play sports when you are being abroad. When going to gyms is a form of exercise, it is different from playing sports because playing any types of sports give you an opportunity to build friendships with the locals. Additionally, you get to activate your bodies and stay healthy by playing those sports whether it be football, volleyball, basketball. You should play those games, and you should also participate to witness those games.

  1. Cook for Yourselves

It is time to learn or test your cooking skills. This is one of the most recommended activities besides studying when you are residing abroad. First of all, you can try to cook our Khmer foods. However, you can move around by cooking local foods such as American foods, British foods and more. It is time to play around but also be serious at the same time.

  1. Manage to do Internships

Doing an internship abroad is cool because you are going to learn about diverse environments when being abroad and communicate with the locals. It is very unique from doing an internship in Cambodia because everyone can have internship experiences in our country. However, not everyone has the experience to do an internship abroad. There are only a few, and you can stand out among other people easily when applying for jobs.

  1. Explore your Towns

We can do a lot of things besides studying when being abroad. No matter what, we cannot miss exploring the towns we are living in. Your boarding schools can be in metropolitan cities such as Manhattan New York or London. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to explore those giant cities. Some of you live in small towns. Regardless, there is nothing more insane than not visiting and exploring what is up there at your local towns when being abroad.

  1. Open your Minds

This is high time to open your minds and accept differences. It is time to learn about new cultures and languages. There is nothing sadder than not being open-minded when being abroad. You cannot learn anything new with a close-minded personality. There can be many things challenging when being abroad, it is, as a result, smart to stay open-minded and accept those new challenges and differences.

  1. Participate in Other Extra-Curricular Activities

Schools or universities abroad have many social and engaging clubs. Those clubs can be dancing clubs, debate clubs, music clubs, Model United Nations clubs and more. There is no shortage of any options you can register for. It is an excellent opportunity to experience and learn from those peoples. It is very helpful for your academic performance, as well.

  1. Learn New Languages

Some of you who are planning to go to English-spoken countries when being already fluent with English can be wondering what languages you should study. However, there are many languages you can explore because you are going to study in international environments where people come from across the world. In the United States, you can learn to speak Spanish or Chinese. You can go to Australia and learn Korean from your Korean friends. There can be clubs or alternative courses that offer different languages from English you can study.

  1. Stay Adventurous & Explore

It is not redundant with exploring your towns because staying adventurous and explore here can mean a lot. When studying abroad, you should go along with nature. Find natural places such as parks, waterfalls, lakes and more to visit. Additionally, you should try to taste both local foods and foods offered by some international food chains which are not available in Cambodia. This is also called adventure and exploration. Walk all over the whole campuses and find some interesting buildings to capture pictures and publish on your social media.

  1. Go Camping

Camping is a fun thing and traditional activity both by high-school and college students. It is time to have bonding with new and foreign friends. You are going to enjoy a lot with camping and staying out late for some movies at nighttime with friends from those boarding schools or universities. You can prepare and cook foods with your friends. You can go fishing. There can be team building activities as well. There shouldn’t be any shortages of what you can do and enjoy going camping, as a result.

What Should You Get from the Article?

In this article, we are listing top 10 activities you should do besides studying when being abroad. There are plenty, including living like a local, playing sports, cooking for yourselves, learning new languages, staying adventurous and exploring as well as going & camping. There can be others such as managing to do internships and exploring your towns.

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